A fake API written by Usman Akram for Web Technologies Classes

You can use this api to test your crud skills.

Validation is not yet implemented. use following routes to test. The data will refresh every hour. so feel free to insert as many records as you want.

https://usman-recipes.herokuapp.com/api/recipesGET a list of recipes
https://usman-recipes.herokuapp.com/api/recipes/:idGET a single of recipe. put the id of the record in :id
https://usman-recipes.herokuapp.com/api/recipesPOST {'title':'Title of recipe','body','description of your recipe'}Create a new Recipe
https://usman-recipes.herokuapp.com/api/recipes/:idPUT {'title':'Title of recipe','body','description of your recipe'}Update a Recipe. put the id of the record in :id
https://usman-recipes.herokuapp.com/api/recipes/:idDELETE DELETE a Recipe. put the id of the record in :id